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According to NSDC reports, India has the world's largest employable talent pool. But only one-fourth is directly employable. The remaining candidates are not skilled for new or complex service offering. Skilled workers hired at the entry level have the incentive of better remuneration and faster career progression, with employers willing to incentivise high-performing individuals.*

This is where Aptech's Employment Driven Education helps you with:

  • Job-orientated programs
  • Training in latest skills as per industry trends
  • Job-readiness with Employability Enhancement Program
About EDE

Industry Connect, Alliances & Placement (ICAP)

ICAP is Aptech's dedicated placement cell that helps connect students and recruiters.

With ICAP, you get:

ICAP Flow chart
  • 100 hours of free
    content on interview

  • Bootcamps &
    mock interview

  • Workshops to
    understand employer

Job placement interviews by top recruiters

Immediate placement letter
post course completion##

100 hours of free content

100 hours of free content on Interview preparedness, grooming, personality development, and tips on successfully cracking interviews

Bootcamps and mock
interview sessions

Bootcamps and mock interview sessions that include ‘frequently asked questions' to prepare you for the technical & verbal rounds of the interview

Workshops about
employer expectations

Workshops about employer expectations, job roles, salary details, & evaluation methodology of recruiters

Immediate placement letter

Connection with top recruiters for job placement. Those who get hired, get immediate placement letter post completion of the course##

Plenty of vacancies,
waiting to be filled


By 2022, the Indian IT-ITES sector is expected to employ 51 lakhs professionals; workforce in Electronics & IT Hardware is expected to reach 89 lakhs by 2022 and the BFSI sector is slated to employ more than 42 lakhs employees*. And, each sector will prefer candidates who have impeccable English communication skills along with the technical skills.

With the demand so high for professionals across these booming industries, there are numerous job opportunities for candidates who have skills-based training.

Aptech is committed to providing industry-relevant skills to the youth. Aptech not only provides you technical skills, but also empowers you with interpersonal skills, which are mandatory for a good job.

Wait no more! Develop the right skill-set.

Become employable

Aptech MD & CEO Anil Pant speaks about the need for interpersonal skills along with the technical skills, as they increase students' chances of getting hired.


Employability Enhancement Program (EEP)

Aptech's Employability Enhancement Program will enhance your employability quotient and give you that much-needed edge in the hiring process.


Five out of six candidates fail an interview#.

Top three reasons are:


Aptech will help you be the one to get the job!##

EEP Image

How you dress, your body language & communication skills decide whether you will get a chance to showcase your technical skills. Keeping in mind the need to make a favourable impression, we have developed Employability Enhancement Program (EEP)**, a FREE video-based learning program for all our students.

**EEP is FREE on select courses


EEP will enhance your employability quotient and give you that much-needed edge in the hiring process.

Make the most out of your career course with Aptech and get ready for job placements!

A video-based learning program!

Improve your chances of getting your dream job. Become an asset to your organization.


Interview handling

Interview handling


Presentation & communication skills

Body language

Body language

Team work

Team work & emotional intelligence

Team work

EEP is a video-based learning programme. Every video has a linked SHORT QUIZ that will help you assess your knowledge & improvement, and boost your confidence.

And don't worry if you don't get it the first time. Watch the videos and ATTEMPT THE QUIZZES AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

Get ready to be empowered with the skills that companies are looking for.

Already an Aptech student? Check your Onlinevarsity dashboard or ask your centre manager for details.

Join Aptech & pave your way to a successful career.

*Source: NSDC sector-wise skill gap report
#Source: Glassdoor survey
##Aptech does not guarantee job placements. Placements are at the sole discretion of recruiters.