Career path for an IT professional

As a trained IT professional, you can build a great career in any industry that uses software solutions.

On completing a career course, this is what your career path in a software company typically looks like:

  • developerDeveloper (Entry level)
  • intermediateModule Leader (Intermediate)
  • Project LeadProject Lead (Senior)
  • project managerProject Manager (Manager)
  • develivery managerDelivery manager (Manager)

Depending on your aptitude, area of interest & qualification, you can choose to work in any of the following job profiles:

Programmers/Developers (Software engineers):

  • This is an entry level position in a software company.
  • Programmers write programs in C, C#, Java, .NET etc as per system requirements.
  • They create, test, debug & deploy code i.e. software programs to fulfill certain business requirements.

Web developers:

  • Web developers are programmers who work on online (web) applications
  • They build a website with various interactive forms, shopping carts, payment gateway etc
  • They usually work with programming languages (such as Java, VB Script, MS-SQL, MySQL CGI, Perl, Visual C++, C#, SQL, JSP, ASP.NET, PHP, XML & DHTML)

System analysts:

  • System analysts study the needs of end users & define their requirements through documents/ processes.
  • They also translate broad level business requirements into technical specifications which is then used by programmers

Software testing & Quality Assurance:

  • This is also an entry level position in some companies
  • Testing & QA persons test software programs to ensure it works as per requirements
  • They conduct different types of testing like regression testing, black box testing, integration testing at various stages in the software development life cycle
  • QA team's main task is to monitor & improve the processes by which software is created.
  • They also ensure that industry level standards/procedures are followed while implementing the project.

Database analysts, architects & administrators:

  • Database experts, DBAs organize & store the huge store of data that the company has
  • They analyze, design & build databases to secure business data, & monitor its access.
  • Another task they do is to perform database administration & maintainance to ensure data integrity & security.

Project Manager:

  • A Project manager is a high-level profile in the team. He/she heads a team of software developers, & 1 or more team leader/project leader
  • As part of your career growth, once you join as a developer, you can grow to become a module leader, project lead & then a project manager
  • A project manager needs to understands the customer's requirements,proposes solutions & gets their approval
  • He /she co-ordinates between the technical & functional teams to ensure smooth functioning of the project

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