Courses for 10+2/College Students

Courses for 10+2/College Students

  • Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a fast growing technology with bright career prospects for students and IT engineers. With big & small companies shifting their focus towards this technology, to move their online applications to cloud, the demand for trained and skilled professionals in cloud computing is ever increasing.

Cloud Computing Course

Cloud computing is a state-of-the-art, internet-based technology that provides access to services, storage space, and resources on demand without the worry of downloading or installing anything on your computer. This technology allows businesses and consumers to access their personal files any time, any place, where they have an internet access, which in turns saves money for the companies.

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Course Highlights:

  • Learn how to access Cloud service providers & to create an account.
  • Work with Cloud services & start developing applications.
  • Learn to deploy applications in the Cloud & access the applications at any point.

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Anyone with basic knowledge of computers & the Internet can join the first module. People with programming skills in .NET or J2EE may enroll for the second & third modules in Cloud computing.

Course Duration:

40 hours

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What is Cloud Computing?

In traditional IT, people work on computers & hardware using software to perform various functions. Thus, costs are involved for resources like hardware, servers, software licenses, computer memory, etc. Thanks to the internet, now, users can just connect to the 'cloud' (a network of shared resources), perform their usual functions & pay only for the resources they have used. This is referred to as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the next big thing in IT since everything required for Application Development - namely, infrastructure, platform & software - can all be hired from Cloud service providers. Hence, companies do not need to invest in anything except a computer & a dedicated Internet connection to develop/run applications.

This is a fast-growing technology and has bright career prospects. A recent survey by Microsoft & the International Data Corporation predicts that there will be a need for about 14 million cloud computing professionals by 2015.

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Facts about the IT Industry

  • Indian software product industry is expected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2025
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will contribute US$ 1 trillion to Indian economy by 2035

Source: IBEF

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