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Android M is Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google announces new Android version

After a long wait, Google finally has a name for the next generation in Android OS, and it’s Marshmallow. The update itself made its debut at Google’s I/O conference in May as Android M. The new name follows Google’s pattern of naming individual releases alphabetically after sweets.

While Android users will not notice much difference on the surface between Marshmallow and 5.0 Lollipop; many of the improvements are underneath the hood, and are aimed at improving performance and stability.

The biggest new feature is the debut of Android Pay, Google’s new mobile payments system. Like Apple Pay, Android Pay uses NFC for contactless payments. The new service takes the place of Google Wallet, but that app will not disappear.According to CNETs, Wallet now becomes a PayPal-like service, allowing users to transfer small amounts of money.

Other enhancements will include a new permissions system that will allow users to control what portions of the device an app can access, improved battery usage, Google Now on Tap (a feature similar to Siri), and an improved Chrome experience.



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