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Microsoft’s ‘Project Latte’ to Bring Android App Support to Windows 10

It would eliminate the need for Android emulation or phone mirroring

Microsoft has recently announced the launch of its ‘Project Latte’ that aims to support & bring Android apps to Windows 10 platform. This support could soon be coming to Windows 10 by way of a special software-based solution known as “Project Latte” and would eliminate the need for Android emulation or phone mirroring.

Previously, there was no official support for Android on Windows. Users have to emulate Android apps on their PCs. Microsoft’s this launch would allow Android apps to run on Windows 10.

The initiative would allow Android app developers to bring their Android apps to Windows 10 with few code alterations and will likely run a Microsoft-provided Android subsystem that builds on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

About Project Latte

Project Latte aims to deliver a similar product, and is likely powered by the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL.) The project would also eliminate the need of installing the frustrating software to run Android apps on their desktops. What else? It would also allow developers to bring apps without Windows versions to PCs, as well as test software locally in a completely different environment.

Though Project Latte will not include support for Play Services, as Google doesn’t allow Play Services to be installed on anything other than native Android devices and Chrome OS. This means that apps which require Play Services APIs will need to be updated to remove those dependencies before they can be submitted on Windows 10.

How Windows Users & App Developers would be Benefitted?

Currently, users run Android apps on their PCs via app streaming. Being able to install and run Android apps locally on your PC will provide a much better experience and won’t depend on what phone you have.

Project Latte will allow app developers to bring over apps that don’t already have a Windows version available. Bringing Android apps to the platform will make Windows 10 a near-universal OS when it comes to app support.

The project is said to be released next year.

Source: https://www.qsstechnosoft.com/project-latte-to-bring-android-apps-to-windows-10

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