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Aptech organizes Faculty Competency Building programs across the country in February-March 2009

Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow:

To motivate teachers and to increase the effectiveness of their teaching, the Aptech Academics Team conducted 3 Faculty Competency Building programs during February-March, 2009.

The sessions were conducted by Venkat Raman, Aptech’s Global Academic Head & Aliasger Shaiwala, Head of Content Development at Aptech, along with other members of their team. Ninad Karpe, CEO of Aptech Limited & Anuj Kacker, Global Head of Retail, also addressed the faculty.

The following topics were discussed during these programs:

  • How important is it for a faculty member to be knowledgeable?
  • How should a faculty member prepare before the class?
  • How to make a good presentation?
  • Art of knowing students
  • Working in a team, working with a team
  • Time management
  • Role of faculty in delivering quality education
  • How to conduct a class with the New Pedagogy CDs (training methodology) adopted by Aptech

Aliasger Shaiwala, Head of Content Development, had an extremely effective interaction with faculty members. Faculty members shared their thoughts about Aptech’s New Pedagogy. The Content team took notes to help them implement the faculty feedback in coming months.

Harshal Kulkarni from the Academics team conducted a session on time management. He provided tools on how to prioritize & plan. The Four Quadrants Theory to prioritize activities was explained & an example demonstrated to show how prioritizing time leads to better results.

Pinky Shah, faculty at the Aptech centre in Andheri, Mumbai, rated the program as 5 out of 5. She shared the 5 top things she learnt at the workshop:

  • Team work
  • How to make good presentations
  • How to prepare oneself before executing a task
  • How to target important tasks
  • How to be a good listener

States Abha Khanna, Centre Head of the Baharaich centre in Lucknow, "On behalf of our whole team, we wish to express our appreciation for these valuable sessions powered with the Art of knowing our students, Qualities required to be a mentor, and Time management - among others. These things will definitely broaden our vision, sharpen our skills & help faculty."

Remya Panicker says she learnt how to understand her students, implement goals & be more productive. “I will be able to manage time more efficiently & implement good learning and teaching practices,” she shares.

The session on ‘Working in a team & working with a team’ included games to demonstrate the effect of being in a team & also helped in understanding how to support a team from the outside. The best teams received prizes for their performance in the games.

Over the coming months, Aptech’s Academics Team plans to conduct more such Faculty Competency Building programs in various other locations across India.

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