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Aptech Vietnam wins Top ICT Vietnam 2009 Cup & Gold medal for 7th consecutive year

July 2009: Aptech Vietnam has once again emerged as the leader in Vietnam’s growing Information & Communication Technology space.

The international IT education firm won the Top ICT Vietnam 2009 Cup & ICT 2009 Gold medal for the 7th year in a row. The company even received the ‘5 stars’ title for being the biggest IT training unit in Vietnam.

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The prize ceremony was held at Saigon Opera House on July 14, 2009, where Aptech Vietnam led 5 among the 10 groups participating in the Top 5 ICT Vietnam 2009 Prize. The awards were organized by Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association.

This year, despite the economic crisis, IT enterprises’ turnovers still showed a 25% increase.

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s Top 5 leading IT-communications units saw total earnings of nearly 21,500 billion VNDs, accounting for 67% of the overall revenue of the industry.

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